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Hello lovelies!

I’m so sorry but I won’t be around for a while, bc I haven’t ordered HoH yet and I don’t wanna see any spoilers!:( I miss you guys so much!<3 Hopefully see you soon. Love ya<3 xx

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I gotta go now. See you lovelies<3


Charlena for Charlie/Silena week 

i havent done them justice sorry :(


When it finally came—three giant pink bubbles bursting at the surface off the starboard bow and ejecting Frank, Hazel, and Leo—Piper went a little crazy. She cried out with relief and dove straight into the water.

What was she thinking? She didn’t take a rope or a life vest or anything. But at the moment, she was just so happy that she paddled over to Leo and kissed him on the cheeck, which kind of surprised him.

"Miss me?" Leo laughed.

(c) The Mark of Athena

I thought this scene was so cute, in a sisterly/brotherly kind of way! :>


Annabeth Chase 



testing. is it working? is it animated? :)

it’s working very beautifully


 Her clothes … what in the the world was she wearing? She despised dresses. She didn’t even own a dress. But now she was adorned in a beautiful white sleeveless gown that went down to her ankles, with a V-neck so low it was totally embarrassing. Delicate gold armbands circled her biceps. An intricate necklace of amber, coral and gold flowers glittered on her chest …

The Lost Hero - pg 131 


PJO ship weeks : Leo and Hazel.

art by Juliajm15


PJO ship weeks - Charlena.